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Stephanie Ring- Purple
One size fits most! These rings are covered with a protective spray that enables them to keep their shine. They are made using different beads; glass pearls, freshwater peals, Murano (glass) beads and others. Let us know the color you want at check out.
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About Us

Be Chiq and Chiquitas: Chiquitas is a jewelry line started by Eva Crockett and Halley Miranda in June 2010. We are very involved in the process it takes to shape each piece. From flying to Peru, personally selecting every bead, designing, creating and assembling the finished product. We expanded our small business to "Be Chiq" in March 2012. People loved the unique style of our jewelry so we wanted to offer that same style in other accessories for women and girls. We're now offering handbags, scarves and other fashion must haves. With our jewelry and the other accessories you will feel "Chiq!" To offer you unique products in other areas, we may partner with other companies and sell their collections on our site.

Halley Miranda:

I first got started making jewelry when I went to Peru and saw how fun it was and how many beautiful things I could make. I took some classes there and when I came home was just planning on making it for me, but decided why not share it with others. So my sister-in-law and I got together and started Chiquitas Jewelry and Accessories and we have just continued to grow. I still enjoy making beautiful new pieces and designs, only now I get to share them with all of you. So take a look around and tell me what you like. Happy Shopping!

Eva Crockett:

I have always loved wearing jewelry. In one of my family vacations to Peru, my aunt showed me how to make some jewelry. I thought it was so cool making your own jewelry and having something unique. So I did some shopping and learned as much as I could while I was there. When I came back home, friends and family really liked my jewelry so my sister-in-law and I decided to start our new business. We are proud to offer One-Of-a-Kind pieces to our customers. We love every piece we make and take time to make it to perfection.