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Elizabeth Set
A beautiful new style made with a variety of glass stones, pearls and acrylic beads, with a silver finish. Necklace: 24" long Earrings: 2"
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a warranty?

A: Yes, we have a lifetime warranty.  If you are unhappy with any product of ours send us an e-mail with 
‘Warranty’ in the subject line.  Let us know what the problem is and what you would like us to do to fix it.  
We can fix it, replace it, or exchange it for something of equal value.

Q: Do you do custom orders?

A: Yes we do! You can most easily make a custom order by coming to our monthly girls night in.  
However you can also make a custom order by e-mailing us with the words ‘custom order’ in the subject line.  
Let us know in as much detail as you can what you would like.  You can use the names of other pieces if what 
you want is similar or uses similar beads.  Please include your phone number in the e-mail in case we need to 
contact for more details.

Q: If I like a piece but want it in a different color, can I get it?

A: Yes, if we have the beads available in the color you want we can make the pieces in different colors.

Q: Can you make Bracelets bigger or smaller?

A: Yes, we can always make the Bracelets the size you want, just let us know what size you need when you 
purchase it.

Q: Can you make Necklaces longer or shorter?

A: Yes, we can adjust any necklace to the size you need, just let us know when you order it.

Q: Can you make Earrings bigger or smaller?

A: Yes, earrings can always be made longer or shorter, however you like them.  Just let us know when you order.

Q: What size are your rings? Will they fit me?

A: Our rings are adjustable and so they are one size fits all!

Q: If I like a set but just want one or two of the pieces in that set, can I buy them separately?

A: Yes, our sets all come with different pieces, some with necklace and earrings, some with bracelets and 
earrings, and some with all three.  If you would like to buy the pieces separately you can see them on the 
necklace, bracelet and earring pages.